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Where do we source our ingredients?

One of the most common questions we are asked is regarding our ingredients and where we source them from.

What goes into our food is especially important to us, we want to ensure that everything that goes into our burgers is of the highest quality and is sourced locally where possible.

Ethical Sourcing

Where does Filthy mac’s food come from?

Where do Filthy Mac's get their meat from?


Our meat is sourced mainly from our local butcher Heathcote’s in Bollington. They are a traditional family business who take immense pride in sourcing only the absolute best local produce from their own and neighbouring Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Staffordshire farms.

Purveyors of the best high-quality meat, licensed dealers in game, poulterers, and cattle-salesmen.

The company was founded one hundred years ago by Jonathan James Jackson Heathcote. They have appeared in the Guardian’s Good Food Guide, the UKTV Food Channel guide, and Rick Stein’s Food Heroes.

Where do Filthy Mac's source bread from?


Our bread is sourced from two local bakeries. June from The Mill Bakehouse produces all our Brioche. She makes small batches of brioche for us, which are hand mixed and baked in Bollington using organic flours milled in the UK. Belfield’s, our other local bakery in Bollington supply us with all our non brioche buns. The bakery on Palmerston Street has been a cornerstone of Bollington life for nearly three decades and remains ever popular with many for their Fresh Bread and other delicious baked goods.

Where do Filthy Mac's source fruit and vegetables from?

Fruit & Vegtables

We shop around for quality foremost as it varies wildly from day to day and supplier to supplier. We do not guarantee organic as a standard, but quality is always our first thought.

Where do Filthy Mac's source diary and  icecreamfrom?

Dairy & Icecream

Our milk and ice-cream is sourced from Hopewall Farm which is a wonderful dairy right on our doorstep. It is a small family farm, producing creamy, unhomogenised milk from their Honeybee herd of Jersey, Guernsey and Shorthorn cows. They also produce their own range of Sweet Meadow products, including ice cream, butter and buttermilk.

Where do Filthy Mac's get their cakes from?

Cakes & Traybakes

All our delicious cakes and tray bakes are baked in house by our wonderful bakers Lyndon and Charlotte. They use only the best ingredients to produce a range of scrumptious fresh cakes and bakes which also include a gluten free option.

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If you have any questions about any of our ingredients and its provenance, please email us at info@filthymacs.co.uk and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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